Michael Lindskog
Michael Lindskog



D-AWARD 2022

D-AWARD 2022

Med D-Award uppmärksammar Svensk Digital Handel de svenska e-handelsföretag som bryter ny mark, skapar kundupplevelser utöver det vanliga och som sätter svensk e-handel på den globala e-handelskartan. Tidigare års vinnare är RevolutionRace (2019), Skincity (2020) och  Caia Cosmetics (2021). Möte 2022 års nominerade till D-Award i ett samtal om kundupplevelser, innovation, cross-boarder ecom och syftesdriven handel.

Michael Lindskog

Michael has an extensive background from the online and offline retail industries as well as 5-years of management consulting experience from McKinsey & Company.  He brings especially relevant experience from his 5-years at Zalando where he, among other things, lead Zalando’s market entry into the Nordics.  Michael holds an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics and Master of Science in Marketing from Western Kentucky University.  During his career he has developed deep expertise within the area of leveraging consumer insights and data to drive commercial strategies and tactics.


D-Congress 2023

March 8-9

Profitable creativity
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