Brian Solis
Brian Solis


VP Global Innovation

LifeSCALE: How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life

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LifeSCALE: How to Live a More Creative, Productive, and Happy Life

Brian Solis talks about the impact of living a digital-first life, the effect of covid-19 on our self-awareness, and the opportunities that have come from it. Listen in to discover how we should reinvent what it means to exist in the digital age and how we must humanize this digital world to be more conscious, aware, and present.

Brian Solis

Brian Solis is a world-renowned digital anthropologist, futurist, 8x best-selling author, and international keynote speaker. Brian serves as VP, Global Innovation at Salesforce. He has consistently been recognized as one of the world’s leading voices in innovation, business transformation, and leadership for over two decades.

Forbes has called him “one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time,” ZDNet said that Brian is “one of the 21st century business world’s leading thinkers,” and The Conference Board described Brian as ”the futurist we all need now.”

Over the past 20 years, Brian studied the impact of Digital Darwinism on businesses, markets and society.  In his work, he explores creative innovation, digital transformation, experience design, Web3, AI and the cognitive enterprise, and technology’s effects on human behavior. Brian has published over 60 research papers and also actively shares his work in industry-leading publications including Forbes, ZDNet, CIO, Fast Company, and Adweek.

His insights on the state and future of digital trends have made him a go to resource among leading brands, media, and celebrities.


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